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Winter break camping in the Sahara Desert



Winter break camping in the Sahara Desert

Winter excursions mostly include the escapes to the places giving the warm vibes. Not ideally, but people adopt this way of traveling because they want to come out of their homes buried in the snow, winter always has the same gift for the countries that have the coldest weather conditions. So the idea of having your winter break in the Sahara desert is an excellent idea of the time. In this article, there are some ideas about how to spend your glamorous holidays in Morocco.

Winter break camping in the Sahara Desert


Top Winter Sahara Desert Activities:

There are a lot of great activities in the Sahara desert of glamorous Morocco. Here is a list of some famous activities you can get good fun out of it with:


Nighttime Activities:

Sleeping in the Desert was a dream:

To take the right experiences in a day time doesn’t mean that the night in the desert would have the same experience. The nights in the desert are slightly cold, and that is ideal weather to take the true spirits of your Desert dreams. I always dreamt of taking an opportunity to have a sleep experience in the full moon desert camp. I fulfilled when last year, when I traveled with my husband, and we enjoyed the desert, specifically for at least 3 days. It was a perfect luxury camping facility in the desert that made our trip the wonderful and memorable experience of our life.

Winter break camping in the Sahara Desert


The Dinner in the ideal set outside in the Desert:

It is the perfect dinner set camp owners do have for the travelers who book a package with them. You would have a perfect romantic experience sleeping under the stars and the full moon under the luxury camp, and before sleep, to have the perfect meal sitting under the stars. There is a traditional and a very famous dish of Sahara of which you would order for is a Camel Tagine. It is the must-try dish in the desert after that all the other dishes come. You will never forget the moments you would have the dinner opportunity in the Desert, I believe.


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The Bonfire Experience in the night:

What else do you need if there is something which can make your night in Desert an ideal time of your trip? Singing and dancing around the fire with friends and family is a memorable activity you should not miss and capture in your cameras. I still remember our feelings were on the peak when we sung and danced together and had the loveliest moments of our life. I would love to visit the place and have the activity again to spend more loveliest moments with my hubby. Would you want to try?


Daytime Activities

Winter break camping in the Sahara Desert


Sand Surfing? It is amazing:

Are you with your kids visiting the Desert of the Kingdom of Morocco? Well, it would be the perfect activity in the desert if you want. It is a popular Sand sports traveler, especially visit experience in the Sahara. Ask your guide about where you can get the sandboards and start your sport. Your time has begun.


Are you Missing the Camel Ride?

Well, Camel is an identity of the Desert. People travel to the Desert Destination to take the Dream camel rides around the red dunes overviewing the Sun going down. I from my childhood had that picture in my mind, and it is imprinted in always every brain through books, papers, films, and dramas. Morocco’s Sahara is still a famous place where people and companies come to shoot dramas, commercials, and films. It is because of its famous landscape.

So the Camel train ride is a famous activity you majorly are visiting the Desert for. You will take the long rides on the camel with your family and friends and will gossip all the way sharing your thoughts and jokes. Remember, if your kids are with you while riding the camel, they may get asleep, so keep an eye on them, if they are young, keep them with you to avoid anything wrong.


Spa in the daytime is a famous activity:

You are here to take the right warm experience, so one of the famous activities in the day time in Sahara is Spa. Ask your guide or the manager of your trip to get the Spa and Hammam facility. That would be the perfect activity you can have for your personal soothe.


Ride your own Vehicle in Shara:

If you are in Sahara and did not have experience of riding your own vehicle in the sands, you did nothing. Literally nothing. There are special 4×4 vehicles and the Desert bikes, Cars, especially to ride in the Sands. To take the experiences riding your own vehicle has something different in the Desert.

Good luck! Have good wintertime in the Desert of the great Kingdom of Morocco.



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