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Why Women Needs to Travel More often



Why Women Needs to Travel More often?

Why do Women needs to Travel?

What makes you travel around the earth?

Is it the wanderlust?

Or is the urge to stay far from home away from the burden?

Why do Women needs to Travel?

Well, that’s what many of you would think about a female traveler. But sorry to disappoint you guys, this is not the case here. Women had tended in every part of life either it has been in war or home, business or labor, they had achieved milestones but still, one thing remains the same; you can’t go out alone by yourself! it’s not safe! Contrary to this myth, being a Muslim woman I would say women are a lot safer now rather than the past. True, some situations are drastic, but in current times I would say guys are not safe either.

Traveling for the first time

It is a lot scarier than your thoughts! I remember my flight for Umrah Journey with my parents. It was an exceptional experience but being a young girl I was with my family, they protected me defended me in so many ways. Now that I’m an adult, I can speak and travel for myself. Fortunately for me, my parents understood the role they had played in my life, and being an adult woman speaks volumes of the capacity you have to do what matters the most. One thing I learned by traveling alone at the age of 22 was that you can’t start it dramatically. It’s a bad choice. Why? Well, let’s just say taking baby steps is a lot better for the first-timers. My travel destination was the neighboring town, hardly a few hours away and yet my mother was having the cooties. Starting from small destination points will let you take the rein in your hands. There are slighter chances of anything going wrong. And slowly increase your traveling place to bigger destinations. Certain aspects of life make you morph into something far better than your current version of yourself. traveling ensure such changes in a woman too.

Why Women Needs to Travel More often?

Live in the Real World for Once

No offense to anyone, but a sad fact is that women tend to live in their heads. Being one I would know it, that we make this entire imaginative world in our heads that have no real existence. A perfect prince charming is the best partner, a life worth below 10 million is nothing at all…. such radical thoughts bring unnecessary competition in life.

I learned this during one of the rituals of Umrah journey and it made me realize that lots of things can be unnecessary like hate and criticism and lust for more money that never ends. Life can be hard once the fantasy world breaks.

Travelling will let you admire your true self and the realities of the world. You will learn and nurture as you cover the distance. And perhaps it adheres to positive changes in a person as well.


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Get Away from the Stress

I know what I said earlier, but stress is one of the forthcoming reasons for depression and anxiety in women. What people tend to ignore is the fact the load of responsibilities on a woman’s shoulder. She is the main exponent keeping every part of life together without her sacrifice and restless nights’ family would break down like the house of cards.

Travelling ensures mental and physical wellbeing for any person, especially for women. Air felt differently and everything seemed super excited. Learning and observing new places blooms happiness inside of you. You can roam like a free bird!

Why Women Needs to Travel More often?

Keep Hazardous Relationship at Arm’s Length

More than often it happens if you are in the wrong relationship one person suffers while others become the bully. In cases where women are the victim, she wouldn’t even realize it until and someone makes her realize it, to see the truth but even then she’s in denial.

Maybe it’s time to kidnap your friend and take her far away from the danger zone? I would say any best friend would do that (I know I will!) and as the day will pass you will come back to senses and realize the entire scenario. Fresh clean air and peace of mind can bring lots of positivity in life. Never underestimate the power of travel! 

Pilgrimage Can Work like a Charm Too

When I was young (as mentioned above) I traveled with my family for the Umrah journey. I still remember it vividly as it happened last night…everything seemed serene and peaceful. The starry nights felt out of the world experience. If you are religious, you can go for a pilgrimage to your holy places. It’s good for spiritual learning and also you can collect memories in form of pictures.

Spiritual journeys can let you focus on every aspect of life you had spent and also helps in clearing the fog from your mind, letting you think properly for once. Some even claim it to be as good as being like a newborn baby.

Why Women Needs to Travel More often?

Study a Course

The more knowledge the better!

You can go to study abroad in some diploma or get an additional degree in whatever subject you like. Brush up your skills and learn the art of being bilingual or artistic. You can even do an apprenticeship, get to learn and interact with people in a more natural way.  And women can talk! If they are keen on talking, they will make the conversations interesting too so it’s just a matter of being comfortable in your skin for once. Traveling for learning something will help you gain more confidence as well. Learning new things will help you grow and transit out of the stagnant lifestyle.


Nevertheless, traveling is bound not bound for any reason. All you need is will to move and explore even out of the blue and still, it will work wonders for you in the best way possible. After all, it takes you to soar heights that you can’t imagine but only can experience.



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