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5 Effective Yoga Tips Every Beginner Should Know



5 Effective Yoga Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Are you planning on going to your first ever yoga class anytime soon? Are you nervous that you’ll fall on your face and get embarrassed? Or, is your anxiety rising on the thought of not being able to do a single pose? If this is the case, worry no more. Because in this article we are sharing the top 5 and the most effective yoga tips you should know as a beginner.

More and more people every day are planning on attending or are attending a yoga class. Yoga has been proven to be extremely relaxing and refreshing. But don’t let your fear of being embarrassed to take the relaxation away.

Feel confident in what you are doing and do what you can. It’s also important to not stress out too much. Yoga is supposed to be refreshing, not anxiety giving.

If you are willing to know as much as possible about tips and tricks related to yoga before actually attending the class, you are in the right place. Here we will be giving some tips for the absolute beginners; it’s all about the stuff you need to know for having a good first yoga session.


1. Do not push yourself too hard

If you’ve started to do a certain pose and just after you are a few seconds in, it feels uncomfortable, unnatural, or painful. Just stop doing it. It is the most obvious advice you will receive.

But it’s very much true when you are in a class of about 30 to 40 people and your instructor shows you a pose. Even though it feels like you’ll break a bone or two, you are most likely to continue. This is because you will feel awkward to stop doing a pose when the rest of the class is continuing.

When such a circumstance comes around, remember the fact that yoga is something that is done in order to treat your body. So, stop punishing it and just stop whatever you are doing if your body shows a red flag.


2. Stop comparing yourself with others

When in a class with 20 other people, you will most likely get distracted and will start comparing yourself with other people. It’s how human beings are. But what you need to do is concentrate on what you are doing, and try to make your position or pose better.

If you look at a person that is performing poorly, you’ll feel confident in what you are doing. But at the same time, if you spot someone that is just straight up mastering the poses, it’s obvious that you’ll feel low on yourself.

Doing well in yoga depends on various things; the person might be more flexible than you which will make yoga a lot easier. Or might have been practising for years. Every person has their own pace of learning, so don’t look at people and feel that you’re useless. If you do think that someone’s pose is perfect, feel inspired by thinking about the amount of practice they might have gone through to do the pose.


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3. Don’t care about what you look like 

Pay attention to this; nobody cares what you look like while doing a certain pose. They are just busy performing their own pose and perfecting it. They don’t care if you look like a potato, duck or whatever. It doesn’t matter to anyone if you’ve laughed at a pose midst class or passed gas while performing a pose.

All of the people in the yoga class have been in your situation at some point in their yoga career. So, don’t stress on how you look and other silly stuff.


4. Alter the poses to your convenience 

It’s OK if you are not able to perform the pose in the exact way your teacher demonstrated did it. For them to do the pose that accurately took a lot of practice, remember that. Don’t try to master a difficult pose in your first class, it’s literally not possible.

At first, you won’t be able to mould your body in the same form as your instructor, don’t try too hard and just do what you can. If you are able to get halfway through the pose easily, do that, it’s enough for the first class. By doing the pose every day, you’ll master it eventually.


6. Pick a class that will be perfect for you 

Yoga is not just a single type of thing; there are many forms and variations in yoga. If you are not familiar with any of them, check online, it will help you. Before actually paying and signing up for a yoga class, check for yoga lessons on YouTube and figure out the type of yoga that fits your needs.

If you are looking for a form of yoga that is challenging and demands a physical workout, Ashtanga yoga, and Vinyasa yoga are perfect. In the same manner, check for yoga forms that will fit your needs.


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